Sea Discovery

Exomos Submarines

by Prof. Joseph Valencic

Adventurer Submarine Jebel Ali- Under a cloudless sky beaming down on an emerald green, 33 degrees C Arabian Gulf, the Exomos ( submarine Adventurer vented her main ballast tanks at 11:58 and switched on the six quiet but powerful electrical thrusters. The object of this dive was to set a new underwater distance & endurance record for this unique 3 person submarine. It’s sleek, yellow & black-striped hull would take submarine pilot Jim Miller, Exomos COO & Dive Operation Director, & co-pilot Thapa a non-stop underwater track that would cover a wide range of unique Arabian Gulf underwater seascapes a mere meter or two off the bottom. The adventurer submarine has a maximum depth capability of 40 M & a submerged speed of five Knots.

The submarine Adventurer’s pilot and co-pilot emerged from their cockpit at 1430 hrs resulting in a mission of over 2.5 hours in duration. All systems performed perfectly especially the new Exobouy Remora, a small towed buoy that provided the submarine crew with precision underwater GPS on a moving map display, crystal-clear underwater VHF communications and real-time color video from a buoy mounted surface camera.

The Adventurer is one of eight submarines designed by Commandant Herve Jaubert & currently being built by Exomos submarine factory located in Dubai. The most unique of their cutting-edge submersible line is the 20 M long Proteus that debut at the Dubai Boat Show in March 2005. A fully-submarine yacht capable of delivering the ultimate in underwater luxury, Proteus can seat up to 14 divers on the fore and aft deck plus eight inside a dry cabin for spectacular viewing.

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