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September 2022

Processing Efficiencies Realized with Latest HIPS and SIPS

Fredericton, NB, Canada – May 4, 2011 – CARIS, the world’s leading marine GIS organization, has today released a 64-bit version of its comprehensive hydrographic processing software HIPS and SIPS.

HIPS and SIPS 7.1 with 64-bit support will provide users who have access to a 64-bit computer the ability to handle large multibeam sonar datasets even faster. This will provide organizations with significant savings in time, which is crucial for marine surveying organizations that wish to make efficiencies.

In-house tests revealed that the CUBE surface creation and Merge processes are now 15-30% faster respectively. The 64-bit technology also allows access to larger banks of RAM, increasing the ability to multi-task while processing.

HIPS and SIPS supports over 40 sonar and LiDAR formats, allowing it to process data from virtually any system configuration. The software also includes the latest seafloor classification tools and workflows, enabling the optimum amount of information to be extracted from organizations’ seafloor measurements.

Corey Collins, HIPS and SIPS Product Manager, enthuses about what the latest release means to CARIS’ clients: “With this release of HIPS and SIPS we have listened carefully to what our clients have requested. They are telling the team here that support for 64-bit processing power is becoming a priority due to the increasing size of their sonar data. They are telling us that they want the most stable hydrographic processing application available on the market. We are happy that we are able to deliver on these priorities with the release of HIPS and SIPS 7.1.”

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