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September 2022

Turnkey Repair Services in North, Central and South America and The Caribbean

The Hydrex office in Clearwater, Florida, in the Tampa Bay area is fully established and ready to mobilize immediately. The office has a fast-response center that is equipped with a full range of diving support equipment and everything needed to carry out Hydrex underwater operations at short notice. This enables Hydrex LLC to efficiently service vessels and offshore units calling on ports in Canada, North, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean.

Because of the nature of repair work, it is often necessary for solutions to difficult problems to be worked out in a short time period, sometimes even while an operation is already in progress. This can only be done successfully by technical experts who have familiarity with the challenges involved and the relevant know-how to resolve such technical difficulties. This is why all staff members of the Hydrex office in Clearwater undergo stringent training at the Hydrex headquarters in Antwerp, after which they are skilled to perform a wide range of operations. They can carry out both simple and complex jobs even in the harshest of circumstances and achieve this uniformly without unnecessary loss of time or quality.

To offer the fastest possible service to customers, the fast-response center of the US office is stocked with an extensive range of state-of-the-art, trucks, tools and diving support equipment that is available at all times for the underwater teams. This enables the office to mobilize diver/technician teams immediately to all kinds of operations.

Saving significant amounts of time, trouble and expense through on-site underwater work, the offered services range from a detailed inspection of a vessel’s external condition and any required maintenance or cleaning work all the way through to highly technical major repairs. Repairs to thrusters, propellers, rudders, stern tube seals, damaged or corroded hulls and all other underwater services are done while the vessel is in-situ. This eliminates the need to drydock, along with the loss of time and production this entails. Working closely with owners, managers and supervisors, all used methods are fully approved by all major classification societies.

Hydrex US offers turnkey maintenance and repair solutions for offshore units
The Hydrex office in Clearwater is also capable of carrying out high quality and fast underwater inspection and cleaning operations or any other maintenance and repair work on offshore units located in the Gulf of Mexico. A Hydrex diver/technician team can be on location and ready to service offshore units or offshore related vessels within days.

By taking advantage of the Hydrex’s in-house designed range of cleaning units all types of fouling can be removed from any type of offshore structure.

This offers owners big savings in fuel when moving their unit from one location to another which also means reduced GHG and other emissions. It also reduces drag and weight on the unit and facilitates any needed full scale inspection.

For offshore cleaning operations an all-embracing combination of single, twin and triple head cleaning machines is used. The twin head unit is designed for cleaning light, medium and heavy marine fouling from tubular pipes, bracings and legs of offshore oil and gas platforms, jetties, piles, intakes and ship hulls. The triple head machine on the other hand is easily adapt able to the flat shapes of a ship or pontoon hull. It has a reverse function and its heads self-adjust to the contours of the hull making it far easier to clean complex areas.

Preventive and protective maintenance services can also be provided. These are highly effective and save a great deal of time and money in comparison to the costs incurred during a breakdown for which there has been no preparation. With preventive engineering and scheduled maintenance, work delays can be eliminated or reduced significantly.

Hydrex also has the know-how and expertise to provide comprehensive on-site repair services and project management for offshore related units. These services include a wide range of possible repair operations that make use of specially designed cofferdams. These can be rigid or flexible depending on the type of repair.

All projects are engineered and carried out by Hydrex in close cooperation with the customer. Starting from the design and construction of equipment all the way through to the actual repair or replacement and subsequent follow-up.

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