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September 2022

Are You “All At Sea” With Your Marine Data?

To coincide with ”European Maritime Day” on the 20th May 2011, SeaZone is launching a range of new services. Many of our customers request not only data, but advice on how the data can be best used to support their operations and business processes. SeaZone has acquired considerable experience and expertise in this area and consequently, we have developed a range of services that draw on our knowledge of marine science and engineering together with our information systems, data management and modelling capabilities.

The services cover four distinct areas;

Investment Decision Support: Organisations need the right information to support business critical marine investment decisions, for example, site selection or a new measurement campaign. SeaZone advises on the data you need, how it can be used and the risks associated with different options.

Data Management: SeaZone is making its many years of data integration expertise available for the first time to our customers. Many marine operations generate large quantities of data. Whatever data is collected, SeaZone can ensure it is accurately processed, effectively managed, properly documented and can even integrate it with our marine mapping products, if required.

Geospatial System Integration: Increasingly, organisations are seeing the need for Geospatial Information to be available throughout their entire business and integrated with their key systems. SeaZone provides a range of services to support our customers in maximising the value of their marine geospatial information including business planning, system integration, data storage advice, technical support and training.

Software Development: SeaZone’s developers can deliver tailor made software solutions which enhance geospatial data processing and storage to improve business performance. We work across a range of GIS and operating systems and can develop standalone or plugin solutions.

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