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Washington, DC – Phoenix International Holdings, Inc. (Phoenix) is the Prime Contractor for the maintenance and operation of the Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System (SRDRS), the U.S. Navy’s state-of-the-art submarine rescue system. Phoenix responsibilities include the maintenance and 24/7 readiness of all SRDRS components in strict compliance with Navy certifications, the planning and conduct of system mobilization and demobilization for all rescue events, and the piloting of the Pressurized Rescue Module (PRM). The PRM is the SRDRS element designed to lock onto the hatch of a disabled submarine and transfer its occupants to the sea surface.
SRDRS’s significant capabilities were successfully demonstrated during the recently completed, international submarine rescue exercise, Bold Monarch 2011, which was held offshore Cartagena, Spain 30 May - 10 June. Thirteen NATO and non-NATO nations, four submarines, four rescue and intervention systems, and more than 2,000 personnel participated in this year’s event, which is held every three years and is the world’s largest submarine rescue exercise. History was made on 7 June 2011 when the U.S. Navy’s PRM mated with the Russian submarine, SSK ALROSA, a first time ever event. During the exercise, the PRM completed 12 manned dives, performed 10 submarine mates, and transferred (“rescued”) 138 personnel.
The U.S. Navy’s submarine rescue team consists of a cadre of Navy (Active Duty and Reservists) and Phoenix personnel who operate out of the Deep Submergence Unit Facility on Naval Air Station, North Island in San Diego, California. For Bold Monarch 2011 the DSU/Phoenix team loaded the SRDRS onto two Antonov C124 heavy lift cargo planes in San Diego, and flew to Alicante Spain where the system was installed on the commercial vessel of opportunity, HOS Shooting Star.
Phoenix provides manned and unmanned underwater operations, design engineering, and project management services to clients in the defense, offshore oil & gas and other ocean-interest industries worldwide. Expertise is available from six regional offices in the areas of wet and dry hyperbaric welding, conventional and atmospheric diving, and robotic systems and tooling. Our capabilities are directed to underwater inspection, maintenance and repair; deep ocean search & recovery; submarine rescue; construction; subsea tieback; plug & abandonment; archaeological and documentary projects.
For further information: Please contact Tim Janaitis ( Tel: 301.341.7800; Fax: 301.499.0027, or view our web site:

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