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September 2022

Fugro Chance Completes Jumper Metrology

Fugro Chance Inc. recently broke its metrology & dimensional control company record by completing a jumper metrology and back deck layout for fabrication onboard the Pipe Lay Vessel (PLV) Helix Express, in under 24 hours. This allowed Helix Subsea Construction to install the jumper, pass the seal test and have the work accepted by the client in 44 hours.
"The effort provided by our field staff and project management demonstrates the quality of service Fugro Chance provides. Without solid project planning and a team effort, completing a project like this would not have been possible," said Tony Gray, Senior Project Manager of Fugro Chance Inc.
The jumper metrology scope of work involved Fugro Chance Inc. providing an acoustic jumper metrology and jumper dimensional control survey for fabrication on the back deck of the vessel. The conventional metrology and dimensional control method is to undergo the metrology offshore and provide the dimensional control survey onshore at a yard. By consolidating the metrology and dimensional control survey process to offshore, time spent is reduced from days to hours. Other work provided by Fugro Chance Inc. included survey and positioning services onboard the PLV Helix Express during the installation of a 8.6 mile long pipeline, 9.09 mile umbilical, and associated structures including mattresses, a PLET and vertical rigid jumper.

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