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NEW Purchases FairfieldNodal Cable-Free System

FairfieldNodal recently completed a significant sale of its true cable-free nodal recording systems to NES, LLC, on behalf of Apache Corporation. The $30 million transaction, which includes ZLand and Z700 marine nodes, represents several industry firsts: the first use of Z700 marine nodes in the United States and the first major use of Z700 and ZLand together in a complementary operation.
NES will use these systems for Apache’s extensive 3D land, marine and transition-zone seismic acquisition project in Cook Inlet, Alaska, where unpredictable ice and ground conditions as well as strict governmental requirements present some of the most difficult environmental challenges in North America. They expect the project to continue for up to three years.
“We’re very excited about Apache’s decision,” said Gary Bartlett, FairfieldNodal’s regional sales manager for North America. “We recently performed a rigorous 10-day test survey for them in the same area, using our ZLand and Z700 nodes in combination. To have Apache specify our nodes for such a difficult and important project shows how confident they are that our cable-free systems are up to the task.”
Because all FairfieldNodal nodes are entirely self-contained, they are easier and faster to deploy and retrieve. In the Apache test survey, they performed flawlessly in the same onshore and shallow-water regions NES will tackle in their upcoming long-term project for Apache.

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