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Planet Ocean Buoy to Provide Olympic Data

Surrey based Planet Ocean, said that its DB-300-ODAS 3m diameter Ocean Data Buoy, currently deployed in Weymouth bay will be providing meteorological and wave data for the 2012 Olympic sailing events. The Meteorological buoy will provide real-time, quality controlled meteorological and wave data directly to the organisers via satellite. The buoy is one of a number of similar systems around the UK which use the Planet Ocean DB series hulls and solar power packs with AXYS Technologies Inc Watchman-500 system controllers, TRIAXYS directional wave sensors and Iridium satellite telemetry. The Planet Ocean provided hulls are fitted with sensors and data modules to provide a complete serviced turnkey system to users.
The DB-300-ODAS system incorporates a number of features which make this an impressive ocean data buoy platform. The rotary moulded polyethylene hulls, made in independent quadrants are all foam filled and unsinkable. Optional “assistor” floats can be added which use a novel method to improve the stability even further in high sea states. Hull sections incorporate moon pools through which sub sea sensor packages can be deployed.
The tower section which can carry up to 11, 55W solar panels, provides a massive 1.5 m3 of payload space for batteries and electronics with access through large hatches, keeping sensitive electronics and cabling safe within the tower and out of the reach of waves and weather. A crow’s nest with ladder access is provided for mounting met sensors and antenna arrays. The tower section can be removed for servicing, leaving the hull in place to support moorings.
The buoy carries the well proven Watchman-500 dual channel instrumentation system with Iridium telemetry and TRIAXYS directional wave sensor supplied by technology partners AXYS Technologies Inc of B.C Canada. The dual channel system duplicates all electronics and sensors with the exception of the wave sensor.

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