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SeeByte Presented Innovation Award

SeeByte, a leader in creating smart software technology for unmanned systems, has been awarded the Marcus Kolb Innovation Award by VideoRay at its VIPS Conference in Key Largo, Florida. The Innovation Award was presented to SeeByte as an acknowledgement of the company’s work in successfully automating the piloting of VideoRay’s mini ROVs. SeeByte’s CEO Bob Black attended the conference to meet with VideoRay executives and the many other users and industry experts who were also in attendance. Black and his senior team were informed of the award during the VIPS conference which is recognised as an industry-leading MicroROV event, held yearly to showcase the latest in ROV technology for VideoRay’s users and partnering companies.
Black commented: “It is an honour for SeeByte to receive the Marcus Kolb Innovation Award. I believe it is testament to our company’s dedication to improve the efficiency and accuracy of subsea operations and we are grateful

to VideoRay for acknowledging the benefits of our pilot-friendly technology.” SeeByte recently installed their SeeTrack CoPilot software on VideoRay’s low-logistics mini ROV, as was demonstrated at the VIPS event this week. CoPilot uses Dynamic Positioning and Real-time Monitoring to allow a position and heading to be held at the touch of a button. CoPilot also allows the user to change position using a point-and-click mouse interface, move relative to subsea structures and offers intuitive joystick controls and the ability to cruise at constant speeds and headings. By pairing SeeTack CoPilot with the VideoRay mini ROV and a Teledyne RDI Phased Array Doppler, the pilot is assisted in undertaking observation tasks which may previously have been perceived as overly complex.

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