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DeepSea Power & Light introduced the Nano SeaCam underwater video camera, a high resolution camera in a tiny package that goes deep. One of the camera products that has been requested most often over the past year is a high resolution camera in a truly tiny package. Divers need the smallest and most rugged high resolution camera possible for helmet mounting. ROV operators need a small, high resolution camera in a deep rated housing for mounting on manipulators and used for close-up inspections without getting in the way of the manipulator or the subject. They also need cameras for general purpose viewing that will save space inside the ROV framework.
With a diameter of only 25mm (0.985”) and a length of 88.2mm (3.47”), including the connector, the Nano SeaCam comes in a truly tiny package. The standard 6013-T8 aluminum housing is rated to 6km depth and an optional 6Al-4V titanium housing of the same size is rated to 12km for deeper or long term immersion applications. The camera comes with its own standard mounting bracket but can also be mounted simply by using a small hose clamp or zip tie if desired. The Nano SeaCam’s power requirements are minimal and versatile, requiring only 1W max with an input voltage range of 7-32 Vdc.
Camera resolution is rated at 620TVL making it suitable for nearly any inspection requirement and the camera is available with its output in either NTSC or PAL composite video format. The Nano SeaCam operates with minimum illumination in the range of 0.04 lux and automatically switches from color to black and white output in low light conditions for best resolution and contrast, producing optimum picture quality under a variety of lighting conditions. Using a proprietary fixed-focus lens, the Nano SeaCam has a 70° diagonal angle of view in water and provides a sharp, crystal clear high resolution image as close in as 25.4mm (1”).

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