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September 2022

BlueView Provides Gap Fill Options

Blue View Gap Fill/Image: Blue View Now there are two different side scan sonar gap fill options using BlueView Technologies’ advanced acoustic sensors to cover the nadir gap typically associated with traditional side scan systems, eliminating the need for overlapping runs. One gap fill solution uses BlueView’s 2D forward looking sonar systems and the other uses

MicroBathymetric down-looking sonar to significantly increase area coverage rates and reduce survey mission times. In March 2011 Oceanic Imaging Consultants (OIC) completed integration of an “off-the-shelf” BlueView 2D Imaging Sonar within their GeoDAS-GD (Generic Digital) product line. The integration of the BlueView 2D Imaging Sonar provides GeoDAS users with traditional side scan nadir gap-filling and forward-looking navigation, and obstacle avoidance capabilities.

“Using the BlueView forward-looker installed ahead of the side scan to fill the nadir gap gave us both an alert system to survey ahead for possible hazards while eliminating the nadir gap” stated Thomas B. Reed IV, President of Oceanic Imaging Consultants. Reed added “By eliminating the nadir gap we would also increase survey efficiency, by guaranteeing that targets at nadir were detected, and eliminating the need to waste survey time running gap-filling lines.”
The integration of the BlueView 2D Imaging Sonar with OIC’s GeoDAS system follows Hydroid’s and Atlas Elektronik’s successful integration of BlueView’s 3D MicroBathymetry sonar as a high resolution 3D gap filling system for a UK Ministry of Defence project. This translates into two solutions for side scan gap fill that dramatically reduce AUV bottom survey mission times by eliminating the overlapping runs that cover the nadir gap typically associated with traditional side scan systems. The Atlas Elektronik UK Classiphi software fuses BlueView 3D Microbathymetry sonar data with side scan sonar data gathered by a Hydroid Remus 100 to provide seamless imagery across the entire survey swath. “The imagery and data delivered by the BlueView 3D MicroBathymetry sonar are impressive, and the single-pass coverage is nearly doubled to dramatically improve coverage rates” stated Kevan Murphy, the technical lead on the CCD programme at Atlas Elektronik UK.

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