Sea Discovery

Eco Marine Power Begins Development on USV

As part of its expanding research programme, Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd. of Fukuoka, Japan announced today that it has begun development of an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) based on technology it has developed for the Aquarius MRE System^TM . This new vessel design concept is called the AquariusUSV^TM . The AquariusUSV^TM will be able to undertake a variety of missions ranging from littoral operations such as coastal patrol, interdiction & surveillance to Mine Countermeasures (MCM) and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW). It will also be possible to configure the vessel to perform scientific work such as oceanographic research.

To maximise the operating range, the AquariusUSV^TM will utilize the
EnergySail^TM technology currently being developed for Eco Marine Power's Aquarius MRE System^TM in addition to incorporating a number of new design concepts. Unlike many other Unmanned Surface Vessels, the AquariusUSV^TM will tap into renewable energy sources such and wind & solar power to reduce fuel consumption. These energy sources will also allow it to operate almost silently when required. Greg Atkinson of Eco Marine Power commented: "Our Aquarius MRE System technology is ideally suited to Unmanned Surface Vessels and starting a project in this area fits well into our development roadmap. We also expect the new technologies we are working on will lead to further sustainable shipping design concepts."
It is expected that the initial design for the AquariusUSV^TM will
be completed by mid 2012 and that testing of a scale model prototype
will commence sometime in 2013.

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