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Markey Machinery Awarded Order For Winch Systems

Image: Markey Markey Machinery is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the order for a complete suite of winch systems on board AGOR-27, a new academic research vessel under construction at Dakota Creek Industries, (Anacortes, Washington). Sponsored by the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research, this award continues a plan to renew America’s aging fleet of academic research vessels, including ocean ranging vessels like the US Navy’s Knorr (AGOR-15). Markey’s participation continues the company’s strong tradition as a supplier of deck machinery for these vessels, having previously supplied equipment to the AGOR-14 “Melville” (SIO), AGOR-15 “Knorr” (WHOI), AGOR-22 “Moana Wave” (retired), AGOR-23 “Thomas G. Thompson” (UW), AGOR-24 “Roger Revelle” (SIO), AGOR-25 “Atlantis” (WHOI), and the AGOR-NOAA vessel “Ron Brown.”

Markey Machinery was invited to join the team of Dakota Creek Industries and Guido Perla Associates, (Seattle, Washington) as ship board handling systems integrator during the competitive design phase for the vessel in 2010. In fact the Markey offering was one of the reasons cited for awarding the vessel to the team. The scope of the order is for one ship set, including two type CAST6-125 Deep Sea Research Winches with active motion compensation, a type DETW-9-11 All-Electric Traction Winch System with two storage drums, one instrumented flagging block, one ship board wire monitoring system and a type WES-23 Electric Anchor Windlass with two wild cats and two warping heads. All equipment furnished will be built by Markey at its Seattle, Washington, USA location utilizing its own skilled and experienced American workforce.

The type CAST6-125 is a third generation winch that can support research and explore depths with its drum capacity rated at 10,000 meters of 0.393 inch diameter armored fiber optic cable. The winch features a close tolerance low mass moment of inertia drum for precise motion control of CTD/Rosette sampling instruments in sea state 5 environments. The feature eliminates unwanted ship motion, thus extending the life of cables for improved safety. The winches use direct coupled vector-duty 125HP non-proprietary, readily available electric motors. These vector-duty motors are sourced in America and possess a substantial history of reliability in marine applications. The winches exceed new fleet design standards and wire rope factors of safety promulgated by United States academic institutions.

Features of the CAST6-125 include:
· A motor-driven precision level wind system. A push button operator interfaces enables the level wind to electronically adjust to any
diameter wire, cable or softline.

· A two sheave instrumented fairlead head that eliminates reverse bends. The elimination of one sheave in the cable path and all reverse
bends will effectively extend the service life of expensive, fragile cables.

· The output sheave of the fairlead is mounted in a flagging block which sweeps 360 degrees. This unique design eliminates the need for deck hands to carry and rig intermediate blocks or fairleads, resulting in less time spent rigging, more time for sampling, which reduces overall operational time and expense.

· A modern single speed transmission coupled with AC variable-frequency speed controllers improves reliability and are more efficient, while requiring less maintenance than hydraulic powered machines. Independent studies confirm that the payback of investing in all electric machines occurs as soon as the shipyard delivers the vessel.
The DETW-9-11 is a second generation all-electric version of Markey’s proven traction winch system.

As such it also features a number of enhancements and new innovations:

· Unique cantilevered heads with removable, overhung bolt-on traction wheels enable easy line-reeving without threading.

· An enhanced control system which eliminates the need for an auxiliary tensioner between the traction head, and the storage reels.
Eliminating the sheaves associated with tensioners will extend the service life of the cables.

· Markey’s proven AC Variable Frequency Drive System and electric motors giving precise control.

· A gear train utilizing planetary reducers with all elements enclosed in oil bath lubrication.

· Storage reels featuring a right-angle level-wind, which can be disengaged under full tension.

· Lebus-grooved drum shells. Rounding out the suite is Markey’s WES-23 Electric Anchor Windlass with two wild cats and two warping heads.
Founded in 1907, Markey Machinery is the leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality custom deck machinery for workboat, scientific, and dockside applications.

Markey products include towing, ship_assist, and escort winches; single or multi_drum and traction_style deep sea research winches; capstans, windlasses and other high performance machines.

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