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September 2022

ADUS invests in RESON SeaBat 8125-H Multibeam Echosounder

Recently the Scottish based company ADUS purchased a SeaBat 8125-H Multibeam Echosounder to their range of sonar. ADUS use the SeaBat to collect high-resolution data of seabed structures. By investing in the SeaBat 8125-H, ADUS will benefit from new beam forming modes such as FlexMode, which enables ADUS to collect more dense data over areas with wrecks, offshore wind turbines, or pipelines. Within their specialist survey capability, ADUS can collect and visualizes multibeam sonar data on shipwrecks which are an environmental hazard as they contain oil, explosives, nuclear material, or other potentially toxic materials. The new hybrid version, the SeaBat 8125-H, can, with a unique and highly advanced data processor, ensure that ADUS can collect the necessary high-resolution multibeam data, which is necessary for them to perform a visualization of the presumed environmental hazards of shipwrecks.

RESON provides high quality underwater acoustic hardware and software solutions. SeaBat is the undisputed leading Multibeam Echosounder on the market, and is used as the preferred sonar in offshore, marine, defense, dredging, and other hydrographic applications.

RESON A/S is the holding company of the RESON Group. Corporate headquarter in Denmark. RESON subsidiaries are established in the USA, Singapore, UK, Germany, and Netherlands. In addition to these subsidiaries there are RESON representatives located in 25 countries.

Some of the core business areas include: Offshore oil-, and gas industries, marine research, hydrographic and bathymetric surveyors, dredging operators, cable-laying companies, harbor construction companies, naval surveillance, and public environmental monitoring activities.

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