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EdgeTech Delivers UUV Systems

Image: edgetech EdgeTech continues to build on a strong success in sonar solutions for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV's). The company delivers numerous 2200 UUV Systems to customers around the globe every year. Continuing with that robust business, EdgeTech is excited to introduce a new series to meet the growing demands of this industry. The new 2205 Series is the latest generation of electronics, transducers and software specifically optimized for the demanding size, power and cost constraints present in hosted platform systems. Initially introduced with the most common sonar suites in mind, dual simultaneous frequencies of 400/900kHz or 600/1600kHz, the 2205 series will eventually encompass all of the original 2200 series offering plus even more! Call us or come see us at Oceanology to discuss the current 2200 offering and the new 2205 current and future features.

New Features:
• Smaller
• Lower power
• Lower noise
• Supports the full range of
- side scan sonar frequencies from 100 kHz to 1600 kHz
- sub-bottom profiler frequencies from 500 Hz to 24 kHz
- swath bathymetry at 230 kHz or 540 kHz
• Supports EdgeTech's new Powered Arrays
• Adds on-line self test and reporting

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Lightweight/Shallow Water Acoustic Release

SPORT Lightweight Acoustic Transponding Release
SPORT Lightweight Acoustic Transponding Release
• Corrosion resistant push-off Ultem link
• Lightweight housing
• Optional 5-year battery life

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Self contained flotation and rope package that works with the SPORT acoustic releases.


• Good positive buoyancy to support reliable recovery even in higher currents
• Acoustic release portion is secured with buoyancy section so release surfaces with the flotation section
• Canister section allows for various size/lengths of customer provided rope
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* Also note, we have discontinued the CART Acoustic Release. The new and increasingly popular PORT/SPORT family of acoustic releases is the replacement for the CART.

We've expanded and centralized our Customer Service & Support group in our Massachusetts office. This knowledgeable group is on call 24 hours a day/7 days a week. For all of those customers that may have called the EdgeTech office in

Florida for support in the past, please note this change and redirect all of your future calls to our Massachusetts office. We are making this change so that there is a single point of contact for technical support on all of our products – one number to call. Additionally, this will allow our EdgeTech office in Florida the ability to concentrate even more on the great Research & Development work that they do so well.

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