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EIVA announces SUBSEA Time Tagging Product

Image: EIVA/Oi12 EIVA is proud to announce the new SUBSEA version of its ATTU (Accurate Time Tagging Unit) for integration into subsea platforms such as ROV, AUVs etc. The EIVA ATTU adds high-precision time stamping across multiple sensor inputs and thereby enables higher precision of the resulting surveys. For complex surveys, typically MBE, the off-shore industry has proven time tagging precision requirements beyond that which can be made on standard PCs. The rack version of the ATTU offers astonishing 50 microsecond guaranteed time tagging – many times better than the requirement and what standard PC / Windows implementations can offer.

With the SUBSEA ATTU, we have put the ATTU electronics and software in a subsea housing for easy integration into ROVs, ROTVs, AUVs or other subsea platforms. This offers even greater precision due to removal of the latency and delay of communications. “The ATTU rack version is a very popular product, and with the SUBSEA ATTU, we are able to address enquiries from ROV builders to integrate the unit into subsea platform directly.”, says Jeppe

Nielsen, CEO of EIVA A/S. Some of the improvements included in this latest generation of the ScanFish are: Increase precision of surveys, due to precise time tagging across multiple sensors. Multiplexing, the SUBSEA ATTU includes a serial-to-IP multiplexing, thereby allowing simply plug-and-play connectivity of serial sensors into the SUBSEA ATTU, Umbilical comms, the SUBSEA ATTU includes IP based communication over the umbilical thereby offering a simple way for ROV builder to build upon. Reduce cost of cabling, a side effect of the ATTU and the SUBSEA ATTU is that it greatly reduces the on-ship cable installations due to the built-in serial-to-IP multiplexing. The SUBSEA ATTU is also available in an OEM version, where the electronics main board and related software can be built into own subsea housing unit.

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