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September 2022

Mariscope Installs Oceanohraphic Buoy in Perú

Mariscope Ingeniería, the Chilean branch of Germany’s Mariscope Meerestechnik, has installed an oceanographic buoy offshore the town of Pisco. The buoy was manufactured by AXYS Technologies in Canada following the specifications of Mariscope. The instrument was installed for the oil company SAVIA Perú in order to determine oceanographic parameters in the area of interest, related to the installation of new oil rigs.
The buoy is equipped with accelerometers for wave height and direction measurements, as well as with a Doppler current meter of de Nortek Aquadopp 400 KHz profiler type. Additionally the buoy carries a complete Met station and a CTD to complete the range of parameters to be measured.
The data are transmitted via satellite in order to be able to monitor the oceanographic conditions before and during the time of the installation of the new rig. Meteorological and Oceanographic data will be used in order to plan and carry out the deployment procedures in an area of the open Pacific Ocean, were permanent winds and swell difficult the operations.
Additional to the use of the data during the deployment operations, the information sent hourly by the buoy is used by Savia as part of their Social Responsibility Program, related to the local artisanal fisheries. Due to this, local fishermen will profit from the oceanographic data sent by the buoy, in order to learn more about the actual state of the sea in which they carry out their daily activities.

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