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Geophysical Data Analyst

Job ID: 13539
Location: USA - WA
Status: Full Time
JobLevel: Mid Career
Company: Fugro Seafloor Surveys, Inc.
Contact: Marilyn Strand
Address: 2727 Alaskan Way, Pier 69
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 206-956-3523
Fax: 206-441-9308

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Job Description
Fugro Seafloor Surveys, Inc. is part of the Fugro Group of offshore, geotechnical and geoscience companies. We operate at sea around the world. We are a multidisciplinary company, providing expertise in marine geology/geophysics, swath mapping, site investigations, desktop studies and sonar-related engineering. Visit our web site at

General Position Summary:
The Geophysical Data Analyst will work offshore and onshore to process and quality control bathymetric data and seafloor imagery using a suite of Fugro sonar processing software. The candidate will also be responsible for rendering a variety of survey data into industry standard cartographic formats utilizing various CAD and GIS software packages.

Essential Offshore Functions:
• Assist with 24-hour sonar data processing and chart production.
• Data management and administration.
• Preliminary chart production.
• Direct liaison with Party Chief and clients for technical assistance.
• Actively participate in implementation and improvement of FSSI’s HSEQ Management System.

Essential Onshore Functions:
• Survey preparation.
• Data integration for chart production.
• Data format conversions.
• Sonar post-processing.
• Actively participate in implementation and improvement of FSSI’s HSEQ Management System.

Secondary Functions:
• Other duties assigned by the data manager.
• Provide offshore support, up to 5 months per year.

Specific Job Skills:
• Advanced knowledge of Windows and/or UNIX operating systems.
• Knowledge of GIS systems and theory.
• Familiarity with sonar data processing and bathymetric modeling.
• Use of Microstation and/or AutoCAD drafting/charting software.
• Keen attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills.
• Ability to learn processing methodologies quickly.
• Flexibility with changing schedules and work situations.
• Possess strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with peers, and superiors.
• Knowledge of cartographic methods.
• Fluent in written and spoken English.
• Strong interest in marine geology and ocean processes.

Supervisory Responsibility:
The GDA reports to the data manager. The incumbent has no direct supervisory responsibilities, however, is encouraged to mentor any other FSSI personnel who may benefit from such interaction.

Interpersonal Contacts:
The incumbent interacts continuously with the data manager, the geologists/geophysicists, project managers and other data processing personnel with respect to all aspects of offshore and onshore data processing and interpretation. Interactions focus primarily on project/client requirements. Interactions are face-to-face, electronic and telephonic. Many interactions are under deadline, and therefore naturally tense. Incumbent is responsible for maintaining a professional demeanor at all times.

Education and Experience:
B.A/B.Sc. or higher in geology, oceanography, marine engineering, or related field. Interest and experience in oceanographic processes and data analysis a plus. Experience with data processing and/or cartography is advantageous.

Job Conditions:
• Predominately normal office working conditions.
• Up to five months at sea aboard a vessel in close quarters. Cannot be debilitated by seasickness. Pre-employment physical and drug screen is mandatory.
• Physical requirements for mobilizing and demobilizing a vessel can be strenuous. Must be able to lift 50lbs and walk up and down steep, narrow stairs and gangways.
• International travel, often to remote locations.
• Job may require hours exceeding 8 hours per day, and/or 40 hours per week.
• Must be able to legally work in the U.S. or current Fugro employee.

FSSI is a highly capable, collaborative team of individuals who take pride in their work and rally around meeting challenges. We are an intrepid group with an adventurous spirit. We take our work seriously but we also enjoy a good laugh whether in the office at our Friday meetings or exploring ports of call. We offer challenging opportunities which allow our employees to expand their skills and advance their careers through innovation and responsibility. International travel, multi-cultural teamwork, a worldwide network of companies, competitive compensation and benefits are among the many perks we offer.

We work hard and play hard – come join our team!!
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